Improve your way of making with the CNC machines from NomadTech

Our CNC machines help you speed up and simplify your working process, saving you time and making you money. Easily bring to life all your fabrication projects.


Work in a wide variety of materials, ranging from wood to metals.

Unmatched precision

CNC technology allows you to, accurately, transform your digital designs into physical objects.


No specialized technical knowledge is needed to get our CNC machines up and running.

Zero complications

All NomadTech products come fully assembled, ready to use, and require minimum maintenance.

Discover all our products

From CNC milling machines to plasma cutting for metals, there’s a tool that fit your needs.


Professional CNC milling machine with automatic tool changer.

Atheon CO2 Laser

Speedy professional CO2 laser cutter and engraver.

Ion Plasma

Plasma cutter for metal up to 15 mm thick.

Red Fox

Versatile 3-axis tabletop CNC milling machine.

OKU Desk

Diode desktop laser cutter and engraver.

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