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Makita Milling Motor (710 W)

€151.25 Price

This milling motor is the ideal complement for Red Fox milling machines. Soft start system and 710 W power that allows you to work on a large amount of materials without difficulty. With an anti-restart system.

Reference: MAKI710

Makita Extraction System...

€172.43 Price

The ideal accessory for the extraction system of the Red Fox tabletop milling machine. By connecting the flexible tube to the air outlet (located on the back) it becomes a blower. It has a 25-liter bucket and 1.000 W of power. It incorporates multiple compartments to store accessories, a container with a handle for easy emptying and wheels to move it easily.

Extraction System For Red Fox

€149.00 Price

Manufactured by Nomad Technologies, this interchangeable brush fits under the Makita router, the support tube and the hose to connect to the vacuum cleaner; separates the Makita's cooling airflow from the suction flow.

Legs and laptop holder for...

€349.00 Price

Red Fox and Ion Plasma offer the possibility of installing adjustable steel legs, with a 780 mm height, and a computer support. They are the perfect complement to implement it independently in the workshop.

OKU Desk Air Filter System

€399.00 Price

Keep your workstation free of odors and fumes. Perfect solution for working in places with poor ventilation, such as your office or classroom. With the air filter system, you will avoid some harmful vapors produced by certain materials when laser burned.

Welding Helmet MASTER 11...

€49.00 Price

The essential accessory for security; protects face and eyes from UV, infrared and projection welding. Automatic optoelectronic hood –it goes from clear to tinted in a second fraction– and comfortable, thanks to the fastening strap to free your hands.

Ion Plasma Consumables Kit

€108.90 Price

It consists of 10 electrodes 20/70A plasma torch MT/AT-70, 10 cutting nozzles 20/50A plasma torch MT/AT-70 and 2 cutting deflectors 20/70A plasma torch AT-70.

Ion Plasma PRO nozzle

€54.45 Price

One of the plasma consumables. Inside the torch, this piece is the part that holds all the elements; being closer to the metal suffers greater wear. It is convenient to replace it over time.



Ion Plasma PRO diffuser

€42.35 Price

Another part of the torch assembly that connects inside the nozzle and holds the internal parts together.



Nomad Care, industrial...

Get industrial coverage for your professional CNC milling machine with the Nomad Care protection program, in a single payment, so you can start enjoying the additional benefits now.

· Second and third year warranty included.
· Consumables warranty excluded.
· Technical assistance through the platform.*
· Telephone assistance and remote connection with direct contact with a technician from 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.
· NomadTech Official Help Desk Technician Annual Preventive Review.
· 20% discount on consumables.
· 50% discount at Nomad Academy.