Red Fox L - Tabletop CNC milling machine

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Carry out milling projects in wood, technical foam, methacrylate, plastics and synthetics, composites and many other materials.



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Work area length
1,690 mm | 66.5″
Work area width
1,030 mm | 40.5″
Work area height
80 mm | 3.1″ minus the length of the mill
Total length of the machine
2,015 mm | 79.4″
Total width of the machine
1,360 mm | 53.6″
Total height of the machine
390 mm | 15.4″ Legs included: 1.170 mm | 46.1″

Specific References

Sturdy and powerful tabletop milling machine

Red Fox on L size is a sturdy gantry CNC milling machine aimed at all types of profiles, from amateurs to professionals.

Its affordable price, large work area of 1.690x1.030 mm and state-of-the-art electronics—combined with its precision and the wide selection of milling materials—make it the best option for both makers and big manufacturers.

Red Fox machines a wide variety of works thanks to its 3 movement axes; it includes our own CNC design software, so easy-to-use that you'll start milling with your Red Fox from the very first day.

What materials can I mill with Red Fox?

Find out all the components you can work with. See full list  


Technical foam


Plastics and synthetics


Non-ferrous metals

Discover these projects made with our milling machine.

Arcade machines and personalized video games items manufacturing

Customized solutions for camper vans

Highly robust shelving unit combining different materials

Create and assemble a stool by pieces

What’s included in the Red Fox price?

Work table 1.690x1.030 mm / L
Technical support
User manual
Design and control software
Electronics box
One year warranty

Maximize your machine’s work rate by equipping it with the best accessories

Is it worth investing in a tabletop milling machine?

Definitely! Make the most out of your Red Fox M and discover how quickly you can recover your investment.

What kind of work can be done with Red Fox?

Find out tutorials and projects made with the milling machine on our YouTube channel 


There's a Technical Support form on our website to consult these problems and questions about Red Fox (you can attach photos and WeTransfer or Google Drive links with videos).

It's the most direct and fastest way to reach out to the department.

In accordance with current legislation, the warranty is one year. Additionally, we'll offer the Nomad Care program with an extended warranty from one to three years.

See more details in our Legal Conditions section or contact if you have any questions.

Red Fox includes all the programs needed for its operation. You can download them for free from our website and test them before receiving your machine.

Our CNC milling machines are compatible with the most widely used CAM programs: Aspire, RhinoCAM, VCarve, etc.

Red Fox is designed to add a 65 mm diameter milling head. At Nomad Technologies we propose a 700 W Makita head, available as an option at the time of purchase, but it’s possible to attach other machines.

Mechanical and electronic needs between them are very different, therefore it's not possible.

The milling machine mechanics need to be firm and robust to support the weight and vibrations of the milling head. However, a laser cutting and engraving machine must be lighter to move the laser beam quickly and agilely through constant changes of direction.

Our philosophy is to make an optimized machine for each use; that’s why each machine has electronics, software, chassis and mechanics adapted to its needs.

Yes, the material needs to be secured for milling, but there’s no problem. Large pieces milling can be carried out, taking references and moving the working area.

Directly at Nomad Technologies. If they run out, contact our sales team by sending an email to 

Yes, there’s a financing system available to you: a technological renting for companies that allows you to finance an amount between 1.500 € and 30.000 €. It's necessary to meet certain requirements to start the financing process, whether it's self-employed or a company.

If you wish to receive more information and details about this agile and flexible alternative, send us an email to (Enlace)

The estimated delivery time is immediate, if there’s stock; it usually takes 3-5 business days. Moreover, after completing your purchase, you’ll receive the updated information and your tracking number.

Would you like to find out more about Red Fox CNC?

Contact us and receive a tailor-made recommendation that fits your project’s needs. We’ll be glad to talk to you.

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