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OKU Desk - Desktop laser cutter and engraver

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Cuts wood, leather, cardboard, paperboard, fabric, opaque methacrylate, EVA rubber and many other materials.



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Data sheet

Laser power
Equal to 20 W CO2
Work area length
270 mm | 10.6″
Work area width
475 mm | 40.5″
Total length of the machine
540 mm | 21.3″
Total width of the machine
700 mm | 27.6″
Total height of the machine
180 mm | 7.1″
Laser type
Blue diode laser

Specific References

Description of our desktop laser cutter and engraver

Transform any space into a versatile workshop with OKU Desk, the desktop laser cutter and engraver for arts and crafts. Its powerful optimized diode laser engraves and cuts between 2-5 mm (5/64″ and 13/64″ respectively) in a wide variety of materials.

OKU Desk combines functionality and design with an anodized aluminum exterior, 500x285 mm work area, intuitive touch screen and easy-to-use software. It’s a Plug & Play tool and doesn’t require any installation.

Our desktop laser cutter and engraver is designed to be secure and, thanks to its security sensor, only works if the protective screen is properly closed. OKU Desk integrates a smoke extraction system that can be complemented with our add-on air filter system.

What materials can I engrave and cut with OKU Desk?

Cutting: wood, cardboard, paperboard, leather, EVA rubber, fabric, opaque methacrylate. See full list  

EVA rubber




Craft plex


Engraving: wood, balsa, paper, plastic, leather, EVA rubber, opaque methacrylate, black stone.

*No engraving is possible on metal, white stone, ceramic, transparent or reflective materials.






Stainless steel

Anodized aluminum

What’s included in the OKU Desk price?

OKU Desk
Exhaust extraction hose
USB pen drive
Design software
User guide
Laser head
Power supply cable
Focus adjustment tool
Technical support
One year warranty

Maximize your machine’s work rate by equipping it with the best accessories

Do you want to see OKU Desk in action?

Find out tutorials and projects made with the laser machine on our YouTube channel 


Yes, no preparation is required! The machine includes its own version of Inkscape, a simple and intuitive design software. You can create projects easily as well as edit files from other programs such as AutoCAD, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. OKU Desk let you import images in standard formats such as .jpg, .png, .svg or .dxf

If the design covers the entire cylindrical surface, then you would need a rotary device, currently unavailable for the OKU Desk. However, if it's something like a small logo on the surface, you can engrave it just like we did on this glass. Link

OKU Desk includes a focus adjustment tool so you can easily and manually focus the laser. The Z axis or autofocus are not available on this version of the OKU Desk.

The Add-on Air Filter System is not necessary for the OKU Desk to work properly, especially if you place it in a well-ventilated room. The Add-on Air Filter System main advantage is a better protection against odors and toxic fumes generated by some materials when laser cut/engraved.

When it comes to engraving depth and diode lasers, there’s not a specific or non-variable number; all depend on the materials and other conditions such as humidity of the place where you work. You’ll achieve very good quality engraving on the materials described on the following chart.

Would you like to find out more about OKU Desk?

Contact us and receive a tailor-made recommendation that fits your project’s needs. We’ll be glad to talk to you.

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