Ion Plasma CNC Basic - Size L

Reference: IPBL0001

VAT included

Transform your manual torch into a CNC metal cutting machine. Compatible with any plasma generator that doesn't rely on high frequency, even without a CNC connection.



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Data sheet

Work area length
1690 mm
Work area width
1030 mm
Work area height
40 mm
Total length of the machine
2015 mm
Total width of the machine
1360 mm
Total height of the machine

Specific References

Improve your process of cutting metals

With the Ion Plasma Basic system you can transform your plasma cutting equipment into an affordable CNC machine.

Ion Plasma Basic is the ideal option for those who want to speed up their work and improve their productivity at a reasonable price. Take advantage of the CNC technology to swiftly work on metal cutting projects that require high precision.

Cut any kind of shape out of metal with great precision

Explore all the projects fabricated with CNC.

Build all kinds of functional and personalized items

Create durable commercial signs

Ideal for producing outdoor installations

Cut with great precision all kinds of machinery parts

What’s included in the price of Ion Plasma PRO?

Cutting bed 103x169 cm
Technical support
User manual
Design and control softwares
Electronics box
One-year warranty

Get the most out of Ion Plasma Basic with the best accessories

Is it worth it to invest on CNC machines?

The answer is a resounding YES. Discover how Ion Plasma Basic can help you make money and get a return of your investment in a very short time.

What kind of work can be done with Ion Plasma?

Check out our YouTube channel to find out more projects fabricated with this plasma cutting machine. 


There's a Technical Support form on our website to consult these problems and questions about Ion Plasma (you can attach photos and WeTransfer or Google Drive links with videos).

It's the most direct and fastest way to reach out to the department.

In accordance with current legislation, the warranty is one year. Additionally, we'll offer the Nomad Care program with an extended warranty from one to three years.

See more details in our Legal Conditions section or contact if you have any questions.

Ion Plasma includes all the programs needed for its operation. You can download them for free from our website and test them before receiving your machine.

You can import the most common design files to Inkscape to generate the G-codes. Files such as .png, .svg, .dxf, .ai or .pdf are supported. For example, you can create your design on AutoCAD, save it as .dxf and then take it to Inkscape to generate the G-codes.

Using the Ion Plasma plugin for Inkscape you can generate the G-codes that, later, are sent into the machine with the control software NomadPanel. 

All software needed to work with Ion Plasma is free for download on our website.

Yes, the metal sheets should fit on the cutting table and be placed correctly to avoid it falling off of the machine. To cut bigger pieces by taking points of references and moving the working area. 

You can get all your spare parts directly from Nomad Technologies’ website. For anything specific, please contact

Yes, there’s a financing system available to you: a technological renting for companies that allows you to finance an amount between 1.500 € and 30.000 €. It's necessary to meet certain requirements to start the financing process, whether it’s self-employed or a company.

If you wish to receive more information and details about this agile and flexible alternative, send us an email to

Would you like to find out more about Ion Plasma?

Contact us and receive a tailor-made recommendation that fits your project’s needs. We’ll be glad to talk to you.

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