Red Fox CNC

First steps

Red Fox CNC milling machine is your best ally in the workshop: it’ll enhance your performance enabling you to create outstanding projects in no time. You’ll find the Getting Started Guide in the Downloads section as well as in the box, along with your machine.

What kind of software do I need? Where can I get it?

To use your Red Fox, you’ll need two different programs:

  • A design program where you’ll create new projects (Inkscape or a different one) and
  • A control program through which you’ll operate the machine and send finished projects to it (NomadPanel).

You’ll find both programs in the Downloads section.

What does the package include?

Red Fox is sent in a cardboard box with the following dimensions:

  • Red Fox S: 115x87x43cm, 35kg
  • Red Fox M: 155x114x43cm, 45kg
  • Red Fox L: Can’t be shipped, only picked up from one of the NomadTech workrooms or dealerships.

In the box you’ll find

  • 1x Red Fox CNC milling machine by Nomad Technologies
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Power supply cable
  • 1x Electronics pack

Tech specs

Red Fox SRed Fox MRed Fox L
Maximum work area length700 mm1100 mm1690 mm
Maximum work area width500 mm750 mm1030 mm
Maximum material height80 mm – tool length
Total length of the machine1030 mm1425 mm2015 mm
Total width of the machine820 mm1080 mm1360 mm
Total height of the machine390 mm / 1170 mm (with legs)

What materials can Red Fox cut? Engrave?

Generally speaking, it’s safe to assume that Fox Basic will cut/engrave whatever its milling motor can cut (taking as a reference Makita 700W milling motor that we recommend).

Machinable materials:

  • Hardwoods (maple, ash, basswood, birch, cherry, walnut, poplar, oak...)
  • Softwoods (pine, cedar, balsa, fir...)
  • Plastics (ABS, PC, PMMA, nylon, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, and PVC, PE and PUs)
  • Synthetics & composites (AluPanel, polyurethane resins with fillers, carbon fiber and foams)
  • Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass and copper)

More questions about Red Fox CNC

What milling motor can I use?

Red Fox is designed to be used with a Ø65mm milling head.

We recommend Makita 700W milling head (available on the web when completing your purchase), but it’s not the only one you can use.

Can I swap a laser for a milling motor?

It is not possible since the mechanical and electronic requirements for milling and laser machines are totally different.

Milling machine mechanics must be firm and robust to withstand the weight and vibrations of the milling head. A laser cutter and engraver, by contrast, is lighter because it should be able to move the laser beam nimbly and in a constantly changing direction.

Our philosophy is to create optimized machines for each purpose. For this reason, each NomadTech product has special and unique electronics, mechanics, software and chassis which are adapted to its function.

Can I mill objects that stick out of the work area?

Of course you can! When milling, always make sure that you’ve adjusted and fastened the workpiece correctly. That’s the only requirement, so the fact that the workpiece sticks out from the machine’s base wouldn’t be a problem. Even really big objects can be milled by taking reference points and moving the working area.

Where can I buy spare milling and engraving bits / tools?

There’re dozens of industry supplies shops and stores where one can find cutting tools. Have in mind that each material requires different specs. Feel free to skim through our quick guide or reach us out through our Sales Team by sending an email to .

Compatible software

Apart from the design program included in the package, our CNC milling machines are compatible with the most popular CAM software products, such as Aspire, RhinoCAM, VCarve, etc.