What is Nomad Technologies?

Nomad Technologies was created in 2016 inspired by the idea of spreading digital production technology by making simplified versions of such industrial CNC machines as milling and laser engraving machines.

This enabled many workshop workers and craftsmen to modernize the processes they carry out and broaden their offer with a minimal investment.

Our machines share a series of basic principles: simple mechanics, minimal maintenance, intuitive software and versatility.

Do you produce machines of custom dimensions?

We don’t currently produce machines of different, custom dimensions. Neither do we modify the models from our catalog.

The key element to keeping our products low-cost yet high-quality is the standardization of the item as well as its production. For this reason, it is impossible to create a product with custom tech specs in a competitive lead time and sell it at an attractive price.

What kind of software do I need to use your machines?

All of our machines can be connected to PC via USB cable and to use them, you’ll need two different programs:

  • A design program where you’ll create new projects and
  • A control program through which you’ll operate the machine and send finished projects to it.

Both programs will be included in the package you purchase from us. Moreover, our CNC milling machines are compatible with the most popular CAM software products, such as Aspire, RhinoCAM, VCarve, etc.

What minimal requirements should my PC meet?

NomadTech machines are compatible with both Windows and MacOS.

Requirements for Windows:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Intel Core i3 Processor or better
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • A compliant USB 2.0 free port (don’t use USB hubs)

Requirements for MacOS:

  • Mac OS X 10.7 (lion) or higher
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or better
  • 2GB RAM or more
  • A compliant USB 2.0 free port (don’t use USB hubs)

Are your prices negotiable?

No, we have fixed prices for our machines.

Our price strategy is based on honesty and simplicity: we offer you the best price from the very beginning without any hidden costs or service fees.

Do NomadTech machines require a special set-up performed by a technician?

All of our machines are shipped assembled, tested and ready-to-use*.

There’s no need for professional help: any person with basic tech knowledge and eagerness should be able to set it up and get started. You’ll have all the necessary additional items, such as software and operating manuals, enclosed to the machine.

* Except for Fox Basic CNC Kit, which is shipped unassembled, but with detailed Assembly Manual.

Can I ask for a demo?

There’re photos and videos of the machines working. You can find them on our website, Youtube channel and social media: Facebook page and users community, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you still want to come over and see NomadTech products in real life, please contact our Sales Team at to find out where the closest dealership is located.